A modern dispatch and response experience for your department.

Our system is completely automated. Dispatch involvement is not required, and your responders get emergency audio and computer aided dispatch alerts delivered straight to their phones, right when they happen–every time.

Here's how it works.

Get your FREE eDispatches receiver.

The receiver monitors your unique dispatch radio frequency and tones. It records dispatched calls and sends them to our system via the Internet. The eDispatches receiver is completely free to use and we even pay shipping.  No equipment charges and no rental fees.

Add department members who should receive alerts.

eDispatches delivers alerts to department members’ own devices. The eDispatches online dashboard is always available for administrators to add, change, or remove responders who should receive emergency alerts.

Receive dispatch alerts automatically.

When new dispatches are detected, the members in your account get alerts automatically based on their personal notification settings. Alerts are available by text message, voice call, and the eDispatches mobile app.

Alert Types

App Alerts

Get enhanced alerts with the eDispatches Mobile App, including recorded audio playback, visual response, CAD data, mapping/routing, availability and response.

Voice Alerts

Receive a phone call and hear your dispatched emergency.

Text Alerts

Receive a text message indicating your alert tone activated, and call in on our local “hotline” to hear your message.  CAD information also available by text alert.


Availability & Alert Personalization

Your responders can configure the types of alerts they receive and when they receive them, based upon their availability, “do not disturb” hours, and more.


Enhanced CAD Relay

Text message and app alerts can be enhanced with data from your Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Our CAD Relay service can display up to 40 additional text data fields in your alerts from your supported CAD system* including address, nature of the emergency, call number as well as other fields of data.

*Your dispatch CAD system must be able to automatically export data to eDispatches for delivery.


Alert History with On-Demand Playback

Alerts and available livestreams are always at the top of your alerts screen. Past alerts are available, automatically ordered by most recent first. Dive back into the details of any past alert and even play back the recorded audio on-demand for up to 90 days.


Hydrant Mapping & Points of Interest

Import your hydrants manually or via mass upload so your personnel know where to look when they arrive on scene.  Points of Interest include dry hydrants, alarm panels, sprinkler connections, key boxes and many more options.

...and more

  • priority text messaging
  • free streaming audio
  • receive alerts from multiple dept’s
  • daily digest email of all dispatches
  • email log of recent calls
  • set availability per department
  • complete reliability
  • free US-based tech support
  • no contracts

Completely Automated

No involvement from your local dispatch is required to get up and running with eDispatches. Simply configure your FREE eDispatches receiver, and you’re all set to start sending automated alerts to your department.

Listen Live

Listen to your radio traffic continuously from any smartphone or computer in the world–in a live broadcast–with our in-app and web-based live streaming capabilities.

Works Worldwide

Log onto our website and know what’s going on back home. Get your calls on your cell phone anywhere in the world. On one convenient web page, you can listen to all previous alerts within the last 90 days for your department. Never miss a crucial message.

Daily Audio Alerts

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Daily CAD Alerts

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Monthly Streams


Notifications Sent

Tens of Millions


eDispatches recognizes the need to make sure that your members receive the emergency call so you can provide a high level of service to your residents. Wherever you have phone or internet service, your call will be delivered to you. Does your fire pager guarantee that?

eDispatches has been delivering reliable service to our clients since 2004. We have hundreds of thousands of paying recipients on our system.

Even our backups have backups.

Our national network has many redundancies, so your users can always rely on our system. Our redundancies include:

  • Back-up central servers across North America with auxiliary power
  • Automatic “Detector Down” notifications to your account manager and select recipients if your equipment does not check in with our servers every ten minutes

94% Customer Satisfaction

Yes, really!

"The response I received from the firefighters when we trialed was "Man, this is the greatest service ever!" eDispatches is a super deal, easy to use and it is just a great service and product. I will be referring numerous other departments to use this system."
C. Martin
Mason VFD
"My department is really impressed with the quality of the eDispatches system. eDispatches hit a home run with this service."
A. Mendenhall
Baker Fire Protection Association
"This system is exactly what we have wanted for so long. It works every time without delay and the guys love it."
C. Evans
Barto VFD
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