Automatic mobile dispatch with visual response.

eDispatches automatically detects audio dispatches as well as CAD dispatches and delivers notifications directly to your members’ mobile devices. Receive your dispatch via mobile app, text message or by phone call – all with no effort whatsoever from your dispatch center.


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NEW: Redesigned Mobile App with Visual Response

Now see your members moving on the map to the station or scene during emergency calls.

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Emergency Alerts

  • Play back recorded audio dispatches
  • Get fully-detailed CAD alerts
  • Receive phone calls and text messages
  • Fine-tune all of your personal notification settings


Visual Response

  • Let your team know when you’re responding
  • See who is responding to the scene and station
  • Instant turn-by-turn navigation to response point


Department Communication

  • Set your response availability
  • See the status of everyone in the department
  • Get department announcements

Daily Audio Alerts

50 K +

Daily CAD Alerts

0 K +

Audio Streams


Notifications Sent

Tens of Millions

ultimate reliability

This is not our first rodeo.

eDispatches systems are set up for maximum reliability. We process more than 70,000 alerts per day, and have sent over 10 million notifications to our users’ mobile devices. Lives depend on our system’s reliability, and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

94% Customer Satisfaction

Yes, really!

"The response I received from the firefighters when we trialed was "Man, this is the greatest service ever!" eDispatches is a super deal, easy to use and it is just a great service and product. I will be referring numerous other departments to use this system."
C. Martin
Mason VFD
"My department is really impressed with the quality of the eDispatches system. eDispatches hit a home run with this service."
A. Mendenhall
Baker Fire Protection Association
"This system is exactly what we have wanted for so long. It works every time without delay and the guys love it."
C. Evans
Barto VFD
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