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What's New?

Narrowbanding Reducing Your Range?

January 1, 2013

The FCC narrowband mandate has commenced. Many departments are now faced with significant reduction in range for pager use. eDispatches has you covered and can easily help bring reliability back to your responders. For most departments, annual service for the entire group is about the same cost as two pagers. Call our sales staff to find out about our free department trial!

Mass Messaging Feature Enhanced

December 28, 2012

We have included value added enhancements to our mass messaging component now called Priority Messaging. These changes make the message system more user friendly and allow for account administrator to issue various controls to other users.

iPhone Application UPDATE

September 6, 2012

Significant improvements both "under the hood" and new features have been released!


July 1, 2012

eDispatches can reliably detect analog tones over a digital radio system. Those departments on or migrating to digital CAN use eDispatches! Numerous clients now on our system with successful digital decode!

New Feature

June 13, 2012

eDispatches has incorporated mass emailing into the account administrator area. This is especially helpful for smaller departments that do not utilize a uniform email client.

New Feature

February 1, 2012

eDispatches now allows multiple recipients to receive "Detector/Internet Failure" notifications.

iPhone application - Now Available!

December 2, 2011

eDispatches is proud to announce the release of the iPhone App now available in the Apple App Store. You can download it here.

Android Application UPDATE - Your Phone Working Like a Pager!

September 8, 2011

eDispatches is proud to finally allow you to use your Android device as a pager. The application allows our clients to receive alerts via the free application once the account administrator enables smart phone modification on the account. This update allows for stored voice of the last call. iPhone App coming November 2011!

Enhanced Text Notification

July 25, 2011

**NOW AVAILABLE** eDispatches is proud to announce yet another way to hear your alerts! Enhanced Texts (Tiny URL) will allow smartphone users to simply press on the Tiny URL on your screen and play the call directly on your media player. No cell minutes used!

Android Application

June 16, 2011

**NOW AVAILABLE** eDispatches is proud to announce the release of our Android Application! This will allow recipients to have more control over their personalized settings. Account administrators do need to grant permission for use within the account! Other exciting features for this application are in development! iPhone application to be developed soon!

Priority Blast

April 4, 2011

**NOW AVAILABLE** The eDispatches Priority Blast system now allows you to have different call groups! Instead of calling in and leaving a message to ring on ALL member phones, you can create different groups! Perhaps you want to notify all ranking officers of a situation? Perhaps you only need your fire investigators? What about just your explorers or rookies? We are proud to bring you more options to meet your needs. Available as a low cost option for $10/month or as a standalone package. Please contact sales for details!

Priority Blast

July 23, 2010

NOW AVAILABLE! eDispatches "Priority Blast". Call in to our eDispatches system, leave a voice message, and all of your member phones ring with the urgent message!

eDispatches CAD Relay System

January 27th, 2010

eDispatches is proud to announce the addition of our CAD Relay System. This system is designed to take the CAD entries your dispatch does and deliver your call to you in text message format. Although many dispatch centers perform this on their own, they lack the proper distribution system to get the call to you in seconds. We can take your CAD message and ensure proper, timely delivery. Standard message delivery time is approximately 10 seconds*. It's time to end the significant delays or provider dump with your existing distribution system. Call the eDispatches sales department for more information. Our standard text messenging plans apply.

*Message delivery time is subject to individual service providers systems and may vary.

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