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You can try out eDispatches free for 30 days and explore how easy it is to take advantage of its many features and benefits.

Key Features

    • No dispatch involvement necessary. 
  • eDispatches is available in the United States & Canada
  • Receive Voice Notification (Direct Phone Call)
    • Your emergency call is played when you answer. If you miss the call, it's left on your voicemail. 
  • Receive Android App / iPhone App Notifications
    • Your phone speaker opens, an alert tone sounds, and your call plays just like a pager! It even has stored voice!. 
  • Receive Text Message Notification on Your Mobile Phone or Pager
    • Receive a text message indicating your alert tone activated, and call in on our local "hotline" to hear your message. 
  • Monitor Dispatches from Anywhere in the World
    • Log onto our website and know what’s going on back home
    • Get your calls on your cell phone anywhere in the world
  • Review Log of Alerts
    • In one convenient web page, you can listen to all previous alerts within the last 24 hours for your
      station.  Useful if you think you have missed a crucial message.
  • Send Mass Message Announcements to All of Your eDispatches Members - Free With Any Package
  • Receive Email of Log of Recent Calls (optional feature – ask about pricing)
    • Receive email of previous day’s calls to use in record keeping and other administrative purposes
  • Streaming Audio (optional feature – ask about pricing)
    • Added to your account for just a few dollars more and listen to your radio traffic continuously from any smart phone or computer in the world
  • Priority Blast
    • Make one phone call and your members' phones ring with your message
    • Make different groups of members to receive specific messages

Key Benefits

  • Keeps you aware of each dispatch
  • Helps the emergency service community by enabling more responders to get to the scene in a timely manner
  • Utilizes the one device everybody ALWAYS has with them - The Cell Phone!
  • Anywhere you have cell service, you WILL get the call. If you lose service, the message WILL be delivered when you return to coverage

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