Experience the difference.

Our reliable emergency dispatch notification services will send your emergency calls to your cellular phone by either a direct phone call, text notification or our Android/iPhone App that makes your phone operate similar to a voice pager with stored voice!

No Range Limitations

· Reliable Alerting
· Narrowband Problem Solver

Any Phone, Anywhere

· Phone Call / Text / App Alerts
· Mass Messaging ·Streaming Audio · CAD Relay Text Message with Mapping · Priority Blast Mass Voice Calling

No Dispatch Involvement

· No Equipment Costs
· Automated System Monitoring
· Redundant Data Centers

Keeping you in the emergency loop.

You'll receive your calls anywhere you have cell service!

Mass text messaging is free with any package. No contracts, cancel at anytime.

Reception issues with your tone and voice pager? We are narrowband compliant and we CAN work with digital systems!


Fire Chief Gary Hames
Storey County / Virginia City, NV
Love your system! This is the best thing since sliced bread. Our IT guy loves the ease of installation of your product.
District Chief Tom Mulvey
Centre Wellington / Ontario, CAN
eDispatches has quickly become a tremendous communication tool for the Centre Wellington Fire and Rescue Department. As we all know, communications are key for any Emergency Service.
Jeffrey D. Feasley
METCOM / Metro McLean County
The Tech Support should be used as a model for other companies. The people that staff it are friendly, extremely competent, and a joy to work with.